There are currently three faculty in the quantitative methods program. Faculty from other areas with strong quantitative backgrounds and interests form part of the area.

cribbieRobert Cribbie, Ph.D. University of Manitoba
Professor and Quantitative Methods Area Coordinator
Email: cribbie@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 88615
330 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Robust ANOVA methods, multiplicity control, equivalence testing, and the measurement of change.

David Flora, Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Associate Professor
Email: dfloraATyorkuDOTca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 23027
333 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Psychometric methods and longitudinal data analysis; particularly item factor analysis, structural equation modeling, item response theory, and growth curve modeling.


Michael Friendly, Ph.D. Princeton University
Email: friendly@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 66249
226 Behavioural Sciences Buidling
Research Interests: Statistical graphics, multivariate statistical methods, categorical data analysis, data visualization and the history of data visualization.


greenChristopher Green, Ph.D. University of Toronto
Professor, Department of Psychology (History & Theory of Psychology)
Email: christo@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 66164
286 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: History of Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Statistics, Research Methods.

Erin Ross, Ph.D. University of Western Ontario
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology (Social  and Personality Psychology)
Email: ecross@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 33287
228 Behavioral Sciences Building
Research Interests: How psychologists conceptualize and research lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender experience. Stereotypes of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse survivors.

rotondiMichael Rotondi, Ph.D. University of Western Ontario
Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology & Health Science (Biostatistics)
Email: mrotondi@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 22462
364 Norman Bethune College
Research Interests: Biostatistics, Meta-analysis Models, Inter-observer Agreement Studies, and Respondent-Driven Sampling.