Our graduate students are highly valued members of the Quantitative Methods Area. Many of our students are funded by external grants, such as Canadian Graduate Scholarships and Ontario Graduate Scholarships, as well serving as statistical consultants with the Statistical Consulting Service.

In addition, our graduate students are highly collaborative and productive, publishing with faculty and other students not only in quantitative and statistical journals but also in other substantive journals in psychology.

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Mark Adkins 
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Green
Research Interests: Structural equation modeling, pedagogical methods for improving statistical literacy, mediation analysis, and data visualization

Nataly Beribisky
Advisor: Dr. Robert Cribbie
Research Interests:
Effect sizes, equivalence testing, multiplicity control, improvements in statistical literacy.


Marie-Louise Donohoe
Advisor: Dr. David Flora
Research Interests: Psychometric methods, social psychology

Linda Farmus
Advisor: Dr. Robert Cribbie
Research Interests:
Suppression effects in repeated-measures designs, regression artifacts, multiplicity and replication, and effect sizes.








Joo Ann Lee
Advisor: Dr. David Flora
Research Interests: I am interested in issues surrounding combining data from multiple sources or studies, data visualization, measurement issues, as well as utilizing advanced statistical methods and machine learning in data analysis. I am also a data product developer enthusiast.






Carrie Smith
Advisor: Dr. Robert Cribbie
Research Interests: Multiplicity control in SEM, robust statistical methods via trimming and bootstrapping, graphical methods and data visualization