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R. Philip Chalmers, PhD York University
Assistant Professor
Email: chalmrp@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 23027
333 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Latent variable modeling, multidimensional item response theory, measurement invariance, computational statistics

Ji Yeh Choi, PhD McGill University
Assistant Professor and Quantitative Methods Diploma Coordinator
Email: jychoi@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 22156
331 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Structural equation modeling, functional data analysis, multivariate statistics, high-dimensional data analysis, cluster analysis, and Bayesian statistics


Robert Cribbie, PhD University of Manitoba
Email: cribbie@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x88615
334 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Effect sizes, robust ANOVA methods, multiplicity control, equivalence testing, and the measurement of change.

David Flora, PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Professor and Quantitative Methods Area Coordinator
Email: dflora@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x23027
330 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Psychometric methods and longitudinal data analysis; particularly item factor analysis, structural equation modeling, item response theory, and growth curve modeling.


Michael Friendly, PhD Princeton University
Email: friendly@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x66249
226 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Statistical graphics, multivariate statistical methods, categorical data analysis, data visualization and the history of data visualization.

Christopher Green, Ph.D. University of Toronto
Email: christo@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x 66164
286 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: History of Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Statistics, Research Methods.

Monique Herbert, PhD, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Associate Professor (Teaching Stream)
Email: herbertm@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x77186
332 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Teaching statistics.

Alistair Mapp, PhD, York University
Associate Professor (Teaching Stream)
Email: amapp@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x30036
288 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Perception; Vision

Jodi Martin, PhD, University of Ottawa
Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream)
Email: jodimart@yorku.ca
Phone: (416) 736 2100 x66115
280 Behavioural Sciences Building
Research Interests: Innovative teaching methods, including how experiential education and active learning approaches affect student outcomes; factors influencing job satisfaction, employee engagement, and performance outcomes in the workplace.

Cathy (Xijuan) Zhang, PhD, University of British Columbia
Assistant Professor
Email: xijuan@yorku.ca
Research Interests: Structural equation modelling; Fit indices; Missing data; Scale formats; Psychometrics